Inter-School Social Science Quiz Contest

Held On- 24-12-2016

Held at - Euro School, Rewari

Group- 1 (7th & 8th)

Name Class Position
Prakhar VIII 2nd
Ravinesh VII 2nd
Pradyun Yadav VI 2nd

Group- 1 (9th & 10th)

Name Class Position
Vivek Kumar X 1st
Yashdeep IX 1st

Inter-School Art & Craft Contest

Held On- 24-12-2016

Held at - Euro School, Rewari

Quilling Competition


Annu Saini Quilling IX
Sania Quilling VII

Footprints in International Science Expo 2016

International Science Expo - 2016 was held in Russia from 16th to 19th November, 2016 in which twenty countries participated. Only four schools got this propitious opportunity to take part in it from India. RPS Public School, Rewari was the only school from Haryana that was selected for this big event.

Raghav S/o Sh. Hemant Kumar, participating student from RPS, from class 12th won the Gold Medal in presenting his distinct project on TISSUE ENGINEERING. It is not only a matter of pride for Haryana but also for the whole nation. He had also won the Silver Medal in Science Competition that was organized from 13th to 15th November, 2016 at Amity University, Gurugram, Haryana.

Mr. Bhupesh Aggarwal, Physics lecturer at RPS, guided and motivated him to his respondent achievement. CEO Mr. Manish Rao, Chairperson Mrs. Pavitra Rao, Principal Mr. Vikram Yadav, Vice-Principal Mr. Vipin Kumar, Dean Mr. Rakesh Vashisth and School Coordinator Ms. Shiva Yadav congratulated and honored him for his venerable achievement.

Raghav has given the whole credit to his teachers and parents for his effulgent performance.